Rest in Pieces - Skeletal Articulation 2-Day Workshop - SYDNEY

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We are pleased to announce we are hitting the road and coming to Sydney!

Rest in Pieces invites you to attend Australia's first skeletal articulation workshop.

Gerard Geer one of Australia's leading skeletal artists has joined the R.I.P team and will take you on a very special exploration into skeletal articulation. 

Throughout the 2 day workshop you will get hands on with the process of skinning and articulation, as well as attend an informative seminar on specimen cleaning and preservation. 

At the end of the 2 day workshop, you will walk away with an insight into this fascinating art and you will each have a gorgeous mounted mouse skeleton housed in a glass dome. 

Everything will be supplied over the 2 days including the mice, tools, glass dome, apron, snacks, and wine.

No previous taxidermy or skeletal articulation experience is necessary to attend this class. 

In order to finalise your booking, can you please provide the following information:

  • Do you have any special dietary requirements?
  • Do you have a preferred name/nickname?
  • And tell us: How did you find out about Rest in Pieces?

Would you like to book a take home kit?

Workshop + Full Kit contains the following:

- Frozen mouse 

- Tools for skinning and skeletal articulation 

- Products for cleaning and preserving your specimen

- Beginners Dermestid Colony Kit (Including approximately 40 live specimens of assorted growth stages)

- List of instructions used during the 2-day workshop 

If you are interstate you will need to travel with the take home kit in your checked in luggage. Please email me to discuss how much room you will need. 

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What you will learn
  • How to turn a specimen into a beautiful piece of art that is shockingly full of life and character!
  • Techniques and processes for skinning, preparing, cleaning, preserving, and articulating a mouse
  • How to manage and maintain a Dermestid (flesh eating beetles!!!) colony
What you will get
  • Your own specimen to work on (of course your articulated creation is yours to take home at the end of the workshop!)
  • A glass dome to protect your new creation
  • All the tools required for the 2-day workshop
  • Snacks, refreshments and wine

What to bring
  • Camera or camera phone
  • A strong tummy
What to wear

Dress to suit a warehouse climate

Appropriate for

16+ with a curious mind - No previous taxidermy or skeletal articulation skills are needed for this class

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12 December 2017 • Rest in Pieces - Skeletal Articulation 2-Day...

The instructor (Gerard) was fantastic, he made each step of the process (cleaning on Day 1 and articulating on Day 2) clear and easy to understand. The atmosphere was friendly & relaxed, and the class size was perfect as Gerard was able to answer all queries (including many of my own!) and provide lots of time to help each student if they needed it. Brilliant course, can't wait for the next one to head to Sydney!


05 December 2017 • Rest in Pieces - Skeletal Articulation 2-Day...

I celebrated my one year anniversary with Rest in Pieces taxidermy by completing the skeleton articulation course. I have taken so much from the past 12 months and this class was definitely a stand out. Gerard is an incredible educator and I feel confident I can replicate the skills he has passed on to me. If you are passionate about anatomy and biology, I can guarantee you will leave this session knowing everything there is to know about your little mouse friend. Everyone at RIP has been so supportive and welcoming and I cannot wait to see what they have planned for 2018 :)


03 December 2017 • Rest in Pieces - Skeletal Articulation 2-Day...

Soaked in the absolute passion and knowledge

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