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Rest in Pieces invites existing students from the 1-day beginner taxidermy class or participants who have completed the DIY Revival kit to join our baby Chick class. 

Throughout the workshop Nat will build upon and refine your skills in skinnning, fleshing, preserving, and mounting a complete specimen. You will also be guided through the traditional torso building technique of soft body wrapping and learn to preserve the feet with injections.

At the end of the workshop you will walk away with a gorgeous Baby Chick and be given the option to purchase a wooden base or a wooden base and chick-sized dome to mount your specimen from the class on. 

And of course we have a take home kit available to purchase so you can practice your newly acquired skills in your own time. 

As usual, the RIP team will take care of everything for you. All necessary tools along with your specimen, apron, snacks, drinks, and wine will be provided on the day.

Would you like to book a take home kit?

Workshop + Kit contains the following:

- Frozen baby Chick

- Tools for skinning and mounting your specimen

- Products for cleaning, fleshing, and preservation

- Wooden base to mount specimen on (purchase an extra wooden base if you want one for your class specimen to sit on)

- List of instructions from the half day workshop

Please note: if you are flying in from interstate and want a take home kit, you will need to have checked in luggage as many of the sharp items will not be accepted in hand luggage.

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What you will learn
  • How to inject the feet for preservation
  • How to soft body wrap
What you will get
  • Your own specimen to work on
  • Create your own beautiful baby Chick from start to finish
  • Optional take home kit to work on your skills in your own time
  • All the tools required for the half day workshop
  • Snacks, refreshments, and wine
  • Spend time with like-minded people and a wonderful community

What to bring
  • Camera or camera phone
What to wear

What ever floats your boat

Appropriate for

Existing R.I.P students who have completed the DIY Revival Kit or the Beginner Mouse Taxidermy Class

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02 February 2018 • Rest in Pieces - Baby Chick Class - BRISBANE

A big heart felt thank you to Nat and her wonderful helper Jason for an amazing day. It was such a great class and such a comfortable and friendly environment in which to do it in. I felt very supported ever step of the way, informed, learnt some great new techniques and had hilarious fun while I was at it. What a wonderful team and a great group of Brisbane students with which to explore more of this new hobby with. Would definitely thoroughly recommend this class to anyone wanting to take their beginner taxidermy skills to a new level. I got a Take home kit and can't wait to go home and practice my new skills. Love your work Rest in Pieces. I can't wait for your next lot of classes!


01 February 2018 • Rest in Pieces - Baby Chick Class - BRISBANE

I had the best time ever. It was such fun. Nat was a terrific teacher. Jason and Sofia were excellent support staff and attended to our every need. Not only learnt exciting new skill, but met such lovely, friendly, fun people.


31 January 2018 • Rest in Pieces - Baby Chick Class - BRISBANE

The venue was incredible, walking into (what basically looked like a shed from outside!) the building you instantly get the vibe that this is not going to be an average day. Jazz music accompanied by stuffed animals, books on taxidermy, and tables with 'surgical' equipment and fresh fruit platters plus nicely brewed coffee (thankfully on separate tables to the taxidermy!) certainly gets your curiosity started from get go. Both Natalie and Jason were very welcoming and took every measure to ensure that attendees were full of good food and great drinks, and not to mention keeping cool (kudos to Jason for being a human air conditioner). Then when it came time to get stuffing, Natalie provided fantastic detail and patience with showing all members of the class the steps required to get a nice little chicken at the end. Personally, I had not attended the beginners workshop and had done the DIY Kit at home which (while the instructions are fantastic) had me a little worried as to how I would go doing an intermediate class. But with Natalie and Jason's help I came out of the class with new and improved skills excited to keep learning this, well, art form.